pictures of strep infectionstrep
pictures of strep infection

pictures of strep infectionpictures of strep infection
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streppictures of strep infectionstrep
pictures of strep infectionstrep

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pictures of strep infection

pictures of strep infectionstrepstrep

On March 1, 2004, a beautiful four-year-old little girl from Manhattan’s Upper East Side died suddenly after contracting Influenza B less than two days earlier. In response to this devastating tragedy, the Amanda Kanowitz Foundation has been established to raise awareness of the risks of Influenza, determine why children like Amanda are dying, help identify which other children should be considered high-risk, and develop effective treatment for extreme reactions to Influenza and other infectious diseases.


pictures of strep infection


pictures of strep infection pictures of strep infection

pictures of strep infection
The first annual Family Fun Day Benefit was held on September 12, 2004 in New York City’s Central Park at the Victorian Gardens amusement park.

Festivities included rides, carnival games, face painting, princesses, art projects, fabulous food, a balloon raffle, and a spectacular silent auction.



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strep Little to no research has been done in the U.S. to determine why children are dying suddenly from the flu!

By supporting the Amanda Kanowitz Foundation you will be helping to save lives by:

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    Increasing awareness of the risks of Influenza and the importance of vaccinations
  • Supporting research for more effective treatment
  • Helping develop screening processes to identify high-risk children

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See what we're doing to fight Influenza.


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