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ABOUT AMANDA the amanda kanowitz foundation
Amanda was a fun-loving, chatty little girl who loved to talk and laugh. We called her our "giggle girl" because of her fun disposition and contagious laugh. She was such a good girl -always sweet, well-behaved and considerate of others.
Our beautiful ballerina was a true "girlie-girl" who enjoyed singing and dancing, going to lunch at CPK (California Pizza Kitchen), shopping and getting her nails done with Mommy.
Amanda was a very thoughtful little girl who wanted to fully understand everything she encountered. She was the only 4-year old we've ever known to point out the beauty of a sunset.
This picture was drawn just days before Amanda died. She loved art projects, stickers and the color pink. Hearts and flowers, rainbows and butterflies were her favorites, as were Disney Princesses, Care Bears and Dragon Tales.